Saturday, May 16, 2015

A very popular series of Crayola crayons was the Pick Your Pack series available at Target. 56 variations were sold between 2011 and 2013. All were 8 packs and contained a wide variety of colors. In 2014, 3 new 8 packs were added to the lineup. They are Magic Potion, Monster vs. Robot, and Roller Coaster.

Magic Potion contains B’dazzled Blue, Metallic Sunburst, Razzmic Berry, Red Violet, Robin’s Egg Blue, Shamrock, Yellow Green, and one unnamed glitter crayon.

Monster vs. Robot contains Alloy Orange, Black, Blast Off Bronze, Blue Green, Inchworm, Mountain Meadow, Sonic Silver, and Wild Blue Yonder.


Roller Coaster Contains Dandelion, Green Yellow, Maroon, Navy Blue, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow Green, and Yellow Orange.

Crayola also released six 16 packs in the Pick Your Pack series in 2014. These have the same names as previously released 8 packs. These are Dinosaur Roar, Glitterati, Mermaid Shimmer, Metallic Magic, Over the Rainbow, and Super Heroic.

Dinosaur Roar contains Black, Brick Red, Desert Sand, Goldenrod, Green Yellow, Jungle Green, Mahogany, Manatee, Midnight Blue, Pine Green, Scarlet, Sea Green, Sepia, Tan, Yellow Green, and Yellow Orange.

Glitterati contains Black, Blue Green, Gold, Maroon, Silver and 11 unnamed Glitter Crayons.

Mermaid Shimmer contains Carnation Pink, Desert Sand, Gold, Inchworm, Metallic Seaweed, Metallic Sunburst, Orchid, Peach, Robin’s Egg Blue, Sea Green, Silver, Turquoise Blue, and 4 unnamed Glitter crayons.

Metallic Magic contains Antique Brass, B’dazzled Blue, Brick Red, Copper, Deep Space Sparkle, Gold, Illuminating Emerald, Metallic Seaweed, Metallic Sunburst, Razzmic Berry, Royal Purple, Shimmering Blush, Silver, Steel Blue and 1 unnamed Glitter crayon.

Over The Rainbow contains Blue, Blue Green, Blue Violet, Dandelion, Green, Green Yellow, Indigo, Orange, Radical Red, Red, Red Orange, Red Violet, Sky Blue, Violet, Yellow, and Yellow Green.


Super Heroic contains Dandelion, Gold, Inchworm, Indigo, Laser Lemon, Maroon, Outer Space, Outrageous Orange, Pine Green, Radical Red, Silver, Vivid Violet, and 4 unnamed Glitter Crayons.


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