Sunday, May 17, 2015

Burger King Kids Club crayons info.

I would like to add some more information as related to the Burger King sets given away with kid’s meals back in 1990. Each included a box of 6 crayons including a new color. A couple sites have listed all 5 boxes as containing the same crayons, this is not true. Each of the sets contains it’s own colors.

Set 1 contains blue, jungle green, orange, red, violet, and yellow. Set 2 contains dandelion, magenta, plum, red orange, turquoise blue, and yellow green. Set 3 contains brown, cerulean, green yellow, melon, red violet, and sea foam green. Set 4 contains aquamarine, black, fuchsia, green, periwinkle, and yellow orange. Set 5 contains blue violet, carnation pink, peach, pine green, sky blue, and teal blue. The new color in each box was Jungle Green in 1, Dandelion in 2, Cerulean in 3, Fuchsia in 4 and Teal Blue in 5, these were 5 of the 8 new colors introduced in 1990. The first 4 are still part of the Crayola palette, Teal Blue was retired in 2003.

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