Saturday, May 23, 2015

Crayon package referenced above.

Color Zone, exclusive to Michaels stores.

Bugs Bunny and Friends, Golden, 1983
Color Appeal from International Arrivals, 2014

Prang Crayonex, 1960's

Cra-Z-Art, 2009

Disney Magic Artist, 2003

Disney Magic Artist, Pooh Friendship Coloring Set, 2003

Disney Princess, Cinderella, Golden

Disney Princess, Snow White, Golden

eeboo 18 crayons, 2011

Harry Potter crayons, Elmers, 2001

Magic The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast

Penway crayons, 24 pack

Rose Art Pokémon 64 Character Crayons, 1999
Scholastic crayons, Swinton Avenue Trading, exclusive to Office Depot
Up & Up 64 pack, Target

Jell-O promotional

Cra-Z-Art The Hero Of Color City, 2014, Toys R Us
Red Robin Restaurants

Yoobi Jumbo Crayons, Target

Rose Art Neon & Metallic, Mega Brands

Schoolio Crayons, Biz Mart Inc.

Animal Soup crayons, Hip Designs Ltd, 2008

Sport Goofy, Golden, 1984

IHOP Restaurants, 2015


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