Thursday, May 21, 2015

More new Crayola crayons boxes.

Crayola has recently released other limited edition packs in the past year. Late in 2014 two eight packs were released, Glitter and Neon. Each contained 8 crayons. For Valentine’s Day 2015, a special 16 pack of Valentine’s colors was released. I never saw these locally, they were apparently available in a limited area. For Easter a cello pack with 2 four packs was released with Glitter and Neon crayons.

Glitter crayon 8 pack contains 8 unnamed Glitter Crayons.

Neon crayon 8 pack contains Atomic Tangerine, Carnation Pink, Laser Lemon, Melon, Outrageous Orange, Shamrock, Shocking Pink, and Sky Blue.

The Valentine’s Day 16 pack contains Black, Blue Violet, Carnation Pink, Lavender, Magenta, Mauvelous, Orchid, Piggy Pink, Purple Heart, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Red, Salmon, Silver, Violet, Vivid Violet, and White.

The Glitter 4 pack contains 4 unnamed Glitter Crayons. The Neon 4 pack contains Electric Lime, Laser Lemon, Outrageous Orange, and Sky Blue.

About a year ago I saw a listing on EBay with the following picture. I had never seen this box before so I bought. Much to my chagrin, I received a regular 8 pack box that is currently available at all stores. I questioned the seller about the picture used and this person claimed it was just a stock photo and is just a representation of what was sold. Fortunately EBay thought this was a form of deception and gave me my money back. I inquired directly to Crayola but did not receive an answer. I would like to know if there was actually a box of crayons sold in this box.

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