Saturday, July 11, 2015

Minions crayons update.

The Crayola Minions crayons are now available at most Target stores, $1.29 a box. I found them in the stationary section, a few aisles from other Crayola items. Some stores may also put them in the school supplies area.

Friday, July 3, 2015

New boxes, new color name!!!

For the 2015 school season, Crayola has released a series of 8 new boxes featuring characters from the new Minions movie. There is also a new color name, in each box goldenrod has been renamed "banana bonanza". The seven other crayon coordinate with the character on the box. The new boxes and colors in each box are as follows:


banana bonanza, black, desert sand, gray, orchid, raw sienna, turquoise blue, wild blue yonder.

banana bonanza, dandelion, denim, navy blue, periwinkle, radical red, salmon, scarlet

almond, banana bonanza, beaver, black, brown, burnt orange, fuzzy wuzzy, tan
asparagus, banana bonanza, brick, brick red, midnight blue, sepia, silver, shadow

banana bonanza, manatee, outer space, purple heart, purple mountains majesty, scarlet, white, one unnamed glitter crayon

banana bonanza, mahogany, maroon, olive green, pine green, sky blue, wisteria, yellow green

banana bonanza, cornflower, gray, hot magenta, macaroni and cheese, plum, razzmatazz, robin’s egg blue

banana bonanza, banana mania, beaver, blue, denim, red, timberwolf, white

I'm not sure what store carries these at this time. I bought these from a seller from Arizona and apparently school supplies are already available there. The stores where I live won't have new school stuff till the end of July.