Sunday, December 27, 2015

Found the first of many ornaments I likely missed. This one is from 2010 and was sold in limited quantities. It came with an entry for a contest, I don't know what there was to win.

2010 Happy Holidays

Friday, December 25, 2015

I really don't collect Crayola ornaments, I have half a dozen or so. There is only one on my tree this year and it's the only ornament that represents just a box of crayons. I buy and sell Hallmark ornaments, a few weeks ago I sold a lot or 20 Hallmark Crayola ornaments to a co-worker. She asked me if there was a website that listed all the Crayola ornaments, I could not find one, just a few that has some for sale. As a service to her and others, I spent a few hours and put together a list of all the Hallmark Crayola ornaments. I also found a some variations and one not listed as being made by Hallmark.
The first was from 1987 and titled Bright Christmas Dreams.
1988, simply named Teacher.
1989, Bright Journey
1990, Bright Moving Colors
1991, Bright Vibrant Colors
1992, Bright Blazing Colors
Not Hallmark, sold with 24 and 64 count boxes of crayons. Sold in 1992.
1993, Bright Shining Castle
1994, Bright Playful Colors
1995, Bright 'N' Sunny Tepee, first of 2 for this year.
The second 1995 ornament, Colorful World.
1996, Bright Flying Colors
1997, Bright Rocking Colors
1998, Bright Sledding Colors
1999, Clowning Around
2000, King Of The Ring
2001, Color Crew Chief
2002, Rainbow Snowman
2003, 100 Years Of Fun
2004, Gingerbread Home
2005, Happy Hues
2006, Dear Santa
2006, Suited For The Season
2007, Colorful Dreams
2007, Rainbow Snowman, a redone 2002 ornament.
2008, Coloring Fun
2009, Colorful Santa
2009, Mommy's Little Artist
2010, Cheery Masterpiece. The first ornament that features other Crayola products besides crayons.
2011, One Colorful Sled
2012, Colorful Christmas Pictures
2013, Big Box Of 64. First ornament that just replicated a box of crayons only.
2013, I Can Do It

Hallmark also has what they call repaints, ornaments done in other colors. Usually only available to members of their ornament club.
2014, The Swing Of Things
2015, Color Me Happy
For 2015, Hallmark reissued the Big Box Of 64 without any changes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New crayons from Toys R Us.

Toys R Us has just released two 8 packs of Crayola crayons featuring characters from something called Shopkins. One pack is called Cooky Cookie's Kool Colors. The second is called Poppy Corn's Rock 'N Pop Colors. Shopkins is an Australian program from a company called Moose Toys. There are over 80 characters so there is the possibility of more from Crayola if these 2 sets sell well.

Kooky Cookie set. Contains Black, Dandelion, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Macaroni and Cheese, Magenta, Screaming Green and 2 unnamed Glitter crayons.

Poppy Corn set. Contains Banana Mania, Brick Red, Granny Smith Apple, Royal Purple, Sky Blue, Tickle Me Pink and 2 unnamed Glitter Crayons.