Thursday, December 8, 2016

Finally got my first confirmed Golden Rod crayon. Found a number 72 on Ebay with a $12 buy it now. The box is in fantastic condition, all but one crayon is slightly used. The lavender crayon, as seen in the picture, it trash. The wrapper is crap too so I can't just swap in a new crayon. Trying to find a decent lavender from the 60's will be fun, it was only in the 64 and 72 count boxes.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Crayola has finally released some new 8 count boxes after a period of nothing new. They are 4 boxes for the new DreamWorks movie, Trolls. I found them at a Michaels Crafts store priced at $1.99 each. They are currently having a sale on all Crayola products, buy one, get 50% off your next item.

This the is Cooper box, it contains cerulean, hot magenta, plum, turquoise blue, wild strawberry, yellow green and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
This is the DJ Suki box. It contains aquamarine, canary, orange, periwinkle, scarlet, wisteria and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
This is the Harper box. It contains Caribbean green, green yellow, navy blue, neon carrot, vivid violet, yellow and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
This is the Princess Poppy box. It contains blue, cornflower, jazzberry jam, jungle green, robin's egg blue, tickle me pink and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
When I first saw these boxes, this box with Princess Poppy showed up on a Google image search. The store selling it is Blain's Farm and Feed and is the only Trolls crayons shown on their site. Not sure of the colors in this box if they are the same or different from the other Poppy box. I have ordered one, I will update when I receive it.
I have an update on the above box. I ordered a couple from Blain's that showed the above box on their site but received the first Princess Poppy box shown above. I called the retailer and was told the graphic was supplied by the vendor. They are giving me my money back and letting me keep the crayons.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

After buying two Number 48 boxes of crayons that should have contained the rare pink beige crayon, I finally got one in a Number 242 set of 24 crayons. Paid a bit more than I wanted but it's the first set of crayons with a verified pink beige crayon I have seen in a couple years. The seller appears to have a number of boxes of these crayons, he listed another right after I bought mine.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just added a vintage box of crayons to my collection, it's been on really want list for a while. It's a set of Crayola Drawing crayons from the early 1940's. Lightly used which isn't bad considering how rare this set is to find. Got it for a very reasonable price on Ebay. Added 11 new colors to my list of crayon color names, I now have 749 of the 843 known colors. Added were Carmine, Celestial Blue, Maximum Blue Green, Maximum Green Yellow, Maximum Purple Blue, Maximum Red Purple, Maximum Yellow Red, Middle Green Yellow, Middle Purple Blue, Middle Red Purple, and Middle Yellow Red.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Crayola has released 4 new 8 packs of crayons for the new Disney movie to be released soon, Finding Dory. The boxes feature Dory, the blue tang fish, Nemo, the clown fish, Destiny the whale shark and Hank the octopus. Bought all off Ebay, have not found them in any local stores such as Target or Walmart. Each contains 6 standard colors, 1 metallic and 1 glitter crayon.

Contains cerulean, fuchsia, jungle green, macaroni & cheese, razzmic berry, shadow, yellow and one unnamed glitter crayon.

Contains b'dazzled blue, black, burnt sienna, Caribbean green, dandelion, orange, sky blue and one unnamed glitter crayon.

Contains aquamarine, carnation pink, deep space sparkle, navy blue, orchid, plum, steel, blue and one unnamed glitter crayon.

Contains alloy orange, apricot, banana mania, inchworm, maroon, red orange, robin's egg blue and one unnamed glitter crayon.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Just to quick follow up.

Just added another No. 72 set to my collection, a set from 1963 still in the shrink wrap. Paid $45 for it. This gives me 3 No. 72 sets still in the shrink wrap. All I really need now are the first 2 sets from the late 50's. The only thing I don't know about this set, does it contain the elusive Golden Rod crayon. The only open No. 72 set I have does not have the 2 word Golden Rod, it has the regular Goldenrod.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Just a quick comment. What is with the price people are asking for the 72 count boxes of Crayola crayons from the late 50's to the 70's. First saw a set from the mid 60's, the seller had the opening bid set at $200. Then a set from the late 60's, it was new and still shrink wrapped but a $500 buy it now price? Then a used set from the mid 60's for $350. Now a lightly used set from 1959 for $350. Except for a couple color names from the first series of these, none of the crayons are rare or hard to find. I have 3 sets, all with unused crayons and booklets, the most I paid for was $35 and that was only a few years ago. I didn't pay that much for one of the hardest crayons to find, my Oprah Winfrey The Color Purple crayon. The only crayon in these sets that I don't have is the hard to find 2 word Golden Rod crayon. I would be damned if I would pay what these people are asking to get one.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

2 new Color Alive sets, only one new color name.

Crayola has released 2 new coloring books with crayons in the Color Alive series. These are Marvel Avengers and Disney's Frozen. Like the others in this series, these also have 6 regular crayons and a special crayons that adds special effects. The Avengers set added a new color name, Superpower. The special crayon in the Frozen set is Frostbite. This color name was also used in the Twistable Extreme Color set from a few years ago. These sets also place the crayons on the back of the package, not on the from like the previous versions.

The crayons in the Avengers set are Superpower, chestnut, violet, denim, green, dandelion, and peach.

The crayons in the Frozen set are Frostbite, olive green, indigo, red-violet, burnt orange, banana mania, and apricot.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Found another 3 box set of Disney crayons on Ebay last week, never saw this set before even though it is dated 2014. The set features Elsa, Anna and Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen. The seller found the crayons while traveling in Thailand, it is possible this set was not sold in the US even though it is marked as being made here.

Crayons in this set are apricot, canary, cerulean, gold, periwinkle, plum, sky blue and tropical rain forest.

This set includes black, brown, manatee, mountain meadow, orange, orchid, silver and white.

This set includes aquamarine, asparagus, blue bell, denim, olive green, peach, red violet, and tan.