Sunday, March 13, 2016

2 new Color Alive sets, only one new color name.

Crayola has released 2 new coloring books with crayons in the Color Alive series. These are Marvel Avengers and Disney's Frozen. Like the others in this series, these also have 6 regular crayons and a special crayons that adds special effects. The Avengers set added a new color name, Superpower. The special crayon in the Frozen set is Frostbite. This color name was also used in the Twistable Extreme Color set from a few years ago. These sets also place the crayons on the back of the package, not on the from like the previous versions.

The crayons in the Avengers set are Superpower, chestnut, violet, denim, green, dandelion, and peach.

The crayons in the Frozen set are Frostbite, olive green, indigo, red-violet, burnt orange, banana mania, and apricot.

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  1. Ed told us in the fb group that these are new names based with existing color pigments.