Thursday, December 8, 2016

Finally got my first confirmed Golden Rod crayon. Found a number 72 on Ebay with a $12 buy it now. The box is in fantastic condition, all but one crayon is slightly used. The lavender crayon, as seen in the picture, it trash. The wrapper is crap too so I can't just swap in a new crayon. Trying to find a decent lavender from the 60's will be fun, it was only in the 64 and 72 count boxes.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Crayola has finally released some new 8 count boxes after a period of nothing new. They are 4 boxes for the new DreamWorks movie, Trolls. I found them at a Michaels Crafts store priced at $1.99 each. They are currently having a sale on all Crayola products, buy one, get 50% off your next item.

This the is Cooper box, it contains cerulean, hot magenta, plum, turquoise blue, wild strawberry, yellow green and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
This is the DJ Suki box. It contains aquamarine, canary, orange, periwinkle, scarlet, wisteria and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
This is the Harper box. It contains Caribbean green, green yellow, navy blue, neon carrot, vivid violet, yellow and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
This is the Princess Poppy box. It contains blue, cornflower, jazzberry jam, jungle green, robin's egg blue, tickle me pink and 2 unnamed glitter crayons.
When I first saw these boxes, this box with Princess Poppy showed up on a Google image search. The store selling it is Blain's Farm and Feed and is the only Trolls crayons shown on their site. Not sure of the colors in this box if they are the same or different from the other Poppy box. I have ordered one, I will update when I receive it.
I have an update on the above box. I ordered a couple from Blain's that showed the above box on their site but received the first Princess Poppy box shown above. I called the retailer and was told the graphic was supplied by the vendor. They are giving me my money back and letting me keep the crayons.