Saturday, April 1, 2017

Crayola retires the color dandelion.

Crayola announced on March 30th that the color dandelion would be retired from their lineup. It was a fairly recent addition, it was introduce with 7 other new colors back in 1990. Crayola has stated a new color will be added to the basic 120 color palette. No indication was given of the new color or when it would become available.

The sad apart about this is there are some people out their that think all the dandelion crayons are going to disappear overnight. There are listing on Ebay asking ridiculous prices for dandelion crayons. $950 for a used crayon, $1000 for a new box of 24 that just happens to contain a dandelion crayon. There are 10 or 12 others, the prices are still stupid. There are still millions of boxes of crayons on the store shelves with a dandelion crayon inside. These aren't going anywhere till they are sold. Some think that just because a color is no longer made it must be valuable. Not really. An example is the color flesh. There are still thousands of flesh crayons out there, Crayola made millions of them. It will be many many years before flesh become "rare".