Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Target Pick Your Pack, the first 6, are now part of my collection.

These first showed up on Ebay right after Memorial Day, the first 6 packs from the Target Pick Your Pack series. The seller wanted $3000 for a buy in now price and started an auction with a 99 cent opening bid. I was the high bidder at $43 but the reserve was much more than that. The seller relisted them at $1500 for a buy it now and an auction with the starting bid set at $375. The week passed but there was no one willing to bite. For his third listing, the seller took a gamble. 99 cent opening bid, no reserve. I patiently watch the auction till the last few moments. With only a few seconds left and the high bid at about $32, I placed my bid of $90. Turned out I didn't need to go that high, I won the auction at $41.27. They now belong to me, I have been looking for these for a long time.

Here they are on my desk. This leaves only 3 more boxes that I need to have the complete Pick Your Pack series. I still need Awesome Autumn, Spring Fling and Summertime. The wait for those to show up some day on Ebay continues. 

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