Thursday, October 5, 2017

Just a mini rant against an Ebay seller that will remain nameless. Bought a 6 pack of Crayola Jumbo crayons in a green and white box, which after some investigation, is one of 16 packs like these from a Crayola classpack. Instead of what I purchase, I received an 8 pack of jumbo crayons and an 8 pack of regular crayons. Sent the seller an message about the wrong items and received a refund. I would have preferred the crayons I wanted instead. Ordered another set of the jumbo crayons in the green and white box and yesterday, got the correct box of crayons. These were shipped in a bubble mailer and the box was smashed and 3 of the crayons were broken. Instead of contacting the seller again, I replaced the 3 broken crayons with 3 from the free 8 pack I had previously received. Guess I can say I got what I wanted. I am going to be nice and not leave any feedback for the seller.

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