Saturday, April 14, 2018

Office Depot exclusive crayons.

Back in 2013 Office Depot teamed up with Crayola and offered a selection of 4 pack crayons. Each pack has it's own bar code and identifier number.

142202 contains blush, carnation pink, pink flamingo and tickle me pink

142229 contains black, peach, sepia, and tan

142247 contains black, deep space sparkle, shadow and sonic silver

142283 contains laser lemon, neon carrot, screamin' green and shocking pink

142292 contains blue, green, red, and yellow

142319 contains 4 unnamed glitter crayons

142337 contains banana mania, granny smith apple, mango tango and plum

142346 contains indigo, jazzberry jam, jungle green and red orange

142382 contains brick red, cornflower, fern and yellow orange

142409 contains big dip o' ruby, illuminating emerald, metallic sunburst and steel blue

142418 contains periwinkle, razzle dazzle rose, robin's egg blue and sea green

142436 contains antique brass, blast off bronze, gold fusion and one unnamed glitter crayon

142454 contains asparagus, mahogany, olive green and tumbleweed

142499 contains denim, eggplant, outer space and tropical rain forest

142508 contains metallic seaweed, razzmic berry and 2 unnamed glitter crayons

436718 contains blue, cerulean, midnight blue and navy blue.

These are scans, not pictures so some of the colors do not look true.